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The gal Behind alpine to shoreline

i'm your super bubbly New England travel blogger

I specialize in outdoor lifestyle, coffee shops, juice shops, gluten free/dairy free eats, and sustainability tips around the world.

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Growing up, my family was spread out all over the United States so I got to see various parts of the country at a young age by default. Then in high school I traveled to Ireland for the first time internationally with my family and you can basically say I’ve never been the same since.

Although I grew up in Massachusetts, I went to college in Vermont, studied abroad in Florence Italy, and then lived in Boulder Colorado and Nashville Tennessee before heading back to New England where I currently reside. I am truly obsessed with traveling and finding out the overall vibe and personality of a new location that I began taking notes in a travel journal. Over the years this journal has become filled with my trips to 40/50 states and 12 countries. It brings me so much joy when someone asks me for recommendations on what to do or see in a place I’ve been to that I decided to make these pages public by putting all my travel notes on this website.

When traveling solo or  with my sister we quickly realized that the travel blogs and articles we researched weren’t exactly how we personally like to travel. We prefer beach & mountain towns over large cities and any restaurant we look up has to meet our food sensitivity needs. We tend to avoid the crowded tourist traps and go out of our way to find the local hidden gems. Skipping any chain stores we enjoy supporting as many local small businesses as we can while traveling in a new place. To me small businesses truly make up the personalities of these locations and it’s these businesses I want the world to know about.

I noticed whenever I’d move to a new place typically the first thing I’d do is look up the local climbing gym and best hikes nearby. I love getting involved in wilderness groups whether that’s hiking, climbing, or surfing. Getting outside in nature is incredibly important to me and I would love to help encourage more women to get involved in wilderness adventure sports locally (I don’t mind but lots of times I’m representing as the only female out in the water surfing). Aside from playing in the great outdoors, I also wanted this blog to highlight ways to continue to protect our Earth whether from participating in a local cleanup or making a simple eco-friendly swap.

I hope you enjoy reading the pages throughout this website. May it help you plan an incredible trip to a new location, eat an incredible gluten free/dairy free meal, or try a new sport with some friends.

Welcome to the Alpine to Shoreline community.

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New hampshire's white mountains & massachusetts sandy beaches are my personal playground

my favorite ways to spend time outdoors

When I'm not outside you can find me at my favorite coffee shops, local farmer's market, or watching the latest films of the Banff Mountain Film Festival.




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solo trips to the alps

my background & additional fun facts

view of the Swiss alps in Interlaken Switzerland

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Appalachian Mountain Club Member & Surfrider Foundation Volunteer

7+ years a professional photographer (Canon, Nikon, & Sony- I've got them all)

Leave No Trace Certified Photographer

There isn't a wilderness sport I don't love: Hiking, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle-boarding, Surfing, Snow shoeing, Skiing, Ice Climbing

CPR Certified & Wilderness First Responder (4x renewed)

In college I studied Media Studies & Digital Arts, I was an instructor with our Wilderness Program for 3 years + Media Coordinator (aka bringing my camera on all the trips and hanging from a rope) plus completed an internship in Outdoor Education

Frequent Domestic & International Traveler: I know how to properly pack my camera bags to keep my gear safe

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Alpine to Shoreline is a New England based travel blogger specializing in outdoor lifestyle, coffee shops, juice shops, gluten free/dairy free eats, and sustainability tips around the world.